Charity Gifts

When you buy an OxfamUnverpackt (Oxfam Unwrapped) gift, this charity gift spreads smiles around the world, changing the lives of people with next to no possessions for the better. It helps where the funds are most urgently needed, supporting Oxfam’s emergency response work, development projects and campaigns for a just world, free of poverty.

How it works

The person you’re buying the gift for will receive a card explaining how their gift is helping others. You can order an e-card, a blank card to be sent to you to personalise, or you can write in your card online and we’ll send it straight to your mate. Or you can purchase a card to print at home. Your tax-deductible donation will fund a range of projects, including the project featured in your card. All our gifts are real items that we use to fight poverty. And don't worry, we never actually ship goats overseas, we source them locally.