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Your gift in action: Chicken in Mozambique

For families living in extreme poverty, a chicken can be life-changing. They can sell their chicks at the market, creating an alternative source of income to buy food and other necessities in times of emergency. Meanwhile their clucky, feathery friends lay eggs, delivering them with ongoing nutrition.

Oxfam’s partner in Mozambique provides chickens to families like Maria Francisco Mutuque’s. With the money earned from its offspring, the single mum is better able to care for her children and her own sick mother.

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Produktinformationen "Chicken (Christmas) (Huhn)"

Eggs-actly what you’ve always wanted! A chicken provides a family with eggs and baby chicks, helping them to generate an income for today, and hopefully a nice little nest egg for the future.

Mit dieser weihnachtlichen Version unseres Geschenks „Huhn“ machst Du englischsprachigen Kolleg*innen, Freund*innen und Verwandten eine Freude – und unterstützt gleichzeitig die Arbeit von Oxfam, insbesondere Nothilfe- und Entwicklungsprojekte sowie Kampagnen für eine gerechte Welt ohne Armut.