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Well (Brunnen)

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Well, well, well … looks like someone splashed out on a truly deep and meaningful gift for you. It helps us to build and repair wells and pipes, while implementing the necessary controls to ensure clean water can flow locally. How refreshing!

Mit dieser Version unseres Geschenks „Brunnen“ machst Du englischsprachigen Kolleg/innen, Freund/innen und Verwandten eine Freude – und unterstützt gleichzeitig die Arbeit von Oxfam, insbesondere Nothilfe- und Entwicklungsprojekte sowie Kampagnen für eine gerechte Welt ohne Armut.

Verschenkst Du ein Geschenk von OxfamUnverpackt, so ist dies als Spende steuerlich abzugsfähig. 

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Your gift in action: a well

Brunnen in Burundi

Civil war destroyed much of Burundi’s infrastructure, including its water supply. Contaminated water is one of the main causes of diarrhoea, which particularly for children can be life threatening.

Oxfam’s partner OAP builds water supplies for schools, health centres and whole neighbourhoods in the province of Bujumbura Rural. Clean spring water is channelled for kilometers from mountainsides, through pipes, via intermediate reservoirs and finally into residential areas where people can quench their thirst without risking their lives.